Zero by Ro

A New Way to Quit Smoking


Ro (formerly Roman Health) is a healthcare technology company that’s reinventing the way the healthcare system works. Their first product used telehealth to diagnose, prescribe, and deliver treatments for erectile dysfunction. Ready to expand their online pharmacy, Ro was looking to launch Zero, their second product to help people quit smoking. I was brought in to take this product from concept to launch within 2 months.


Product Designer & Project Lead


Branding, user research, mobile app design, packaging design, landing page design and development, ad creatives


Early exploratory concepts

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.


1 in 5 deaths is caused by smoking. Smokers die on average 10 years younger than non-smokers. Even though 70% of smokers want to quit, only 3% are successful. Yet in spite of these bleak numbers, research has also shown that the combination of medication and support can increase the quit rate up to 4x. Our goals with the product were to achieve the following:

  1. Seamlessly integrate multiple smoking cessation methods into a single, easy-to-use, accessible product offering.

  2. Empower users rather than using fear tactics. The idea wasn’t to scare people with pictures of black lungs or yellow teeth, rather to empower users to take steps towards a healthier life.

  3. Build sustainable habits. Since smoking is a habit built on addiction, it is by definition one of the most difficult habits to change.

User-Inspired App Design

We interviewed ex-smokers to understand the psychology behind why and how people quit smoking. A common thread we found was that people who succeeded frequently relied on friends and family to keep them honest. “People want to be recognized for their efforts,” 26-year-old Natasha H. said. This statement became a critical insight that drove how we designed the product.


The Quit Smoking Companion

Our app focused on helping smokers through the various stages of quitting. Users were guided through how to prepare for their “quit date.” The app tracked the number of days the smokers went smoke-free, taught the users the proper ways to use their nicotine gum and prescription medication, and gave loved ones a way to send encouragement during a relapse.


Lead Generation Landing Page

Once we had a good understanding of the product offering, we built and drove traffic to a landing page using Facebook ads. We were ultimately able to capture email leads at $1.50 CPL.


Rapid Iteration

Because we needed to ship within a strict timeline, it became critical that we kept the iterative cycle very tight. This meant we were rapidly jumping between product discussions, design explorations, lightweight prototyping, and user feedback sessions on a daily basis.


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