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Dynamic Home Screen Experience


Mindbloom’s ketamine therapy can be a life-changing journey, but today’s mobile home screen looks like a laundry list of to-do’s. How can we make the home page feel less like a checklist and more like an experience?


How can we make the home page feel less like a checklist and more like an experience? One possibility is to surface content and tasks that are most relevent to the client while hiding content that isn’t relevent.

Reduce Text


The current app is very text heavy.


Show, don’t tell. Pairing ideas & concepts with strong visuals allows the client to more emotionally engage with the therapy process.

Digital Bloombox Welcome Guide


The current mobile app doesn’t help guide the user in understanding the items in the Bloombox. Today, we heavily rely on the printed guide that comes with the kit.


By creating a digital version of the Welcome Guide, we can include videos that clearly demonstrate how to use specialized items like the blood pressure monitor. Creating redundancies between the physical and digital product reduces the possibility for user error, such as accidentally losing the physical guide.

Welcome/Onboarding Sequence


Client should feel like they’re starting on a life-changing journey. The start of the experience should come with a lot anticipation and excitement, like the buildup you feel as you ascend a rollercoaster ride.

Instant Feedback Cycle


What does the client gain from completing the session feedback? Who is the care team? When does the care team reach out? Do they just monitor abnormal behavior? Why should the client invest time in filling out a feedback form?


Whenever we ask the client to input information into the system, the client should clearly understand the impact that time investment has on their experience. Instead of ending the session feedback flow with “Thank you! Your submission has been received,” we could offer some sort of small reward to the client. Perhaps we communicate to the client whether their responses were within an expected range. If we detect an abnormality, when can they expect to be contacted by the care team or a guide?

Music Picker


Clients have the ability to select audio tracks that best match their therapy goals for each session.

Communicate Value Prop of Group Integration Circles (GIC)


Without signing up for a Group Integration Circle, it’s unclear what the client can expect from these sessions. Who else is in GIC? What do people talk about? Will there be a professional guide present or is it only a group of other clients?


Better explanation of the Circles’ value or give examples of what user can expect in the GIC.

Mobile Journaling


Does anyone besides the client read their journals? How does this influence the therapy?

Client’s Progress Indicator


Is the therapy working? Is the client on track? What do other clients experience at this stage of therapy?


A New Home

I chose to focus on the home screen, because it is the screen clients will most frequently interact with. A dynamic home page would change based on the client’s current stage in their therapy. I.e. clients currently on session 1 would see a different home screen than clients who have just completed session 3. By hiding steps that are no longer or not yet relevant, we create an interface that is hyper-focused on what the client should do next.

Tasks are organized more tightly based on their respective session. Each session could be given a unique card design that highlights that session’s unique goals. For example, session 4 focuses on gratitude. How do we create an entire user flow behind the ‘session 4 card’ that centers around this theme?


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